Specialized in repairing and building decks, fences, and retaining walls. We build wooden decks using redwood or other hardwoods. Make repairs to existing structures or build new decks.


We can make repairs to your existing irrigation system.  We can move or install new water lines only for your deck area. These are important topics of concern and need special attention.


We repair or replace only exterior electrical fixtures. Install new fixtures including motion detection lights, deck lighting and low power usage types of lighting fixtures.


We do exterior deck finishing work including molding, trim work, stucco repair, caulking, sanding, painting,  These important final pieces need special attention before a job is complete.


Maintaining your home is the best investment you can make. We inspect the integrity of your deck. We will consult free of charge regarding deck repairs, rebuilding, or new design development.



A deck is like an outdoor room added to your house. It offers you the opportunity to increase your living space, enhance your quality of life while adding value to your home. We specialize in building decks out of redwood and other wood species. We use high-grade materials and modern techniques. We design built-in structures and use stainless steel railings. Scrolling through the website you will see a few of the decks that have been built over the years.


In the Bay Area, we deal with large amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. The rainstorms wash away soil and ruin concrete foundations.  Retaining walls help keep your home safe and your yard from deteriorating. We use modern materials to help manage rainwater flow and lower construction costs.

We can install a fence using your design. We like to use stainless steel wire which allows you to have a view of your surroundings. 


I strongly recommend Christopher Stoehr for any construction project you are considering. Christopher’s skill set is deep and broad.He is quick and stays on schedule. He’s kind, conscientious and approaches his work and his relationships with clients with integrity. He’s absolutely honest and transparent in his billing. His work at our home included some design consultation, structural analysis, demolition, carpentry and some electrical work. What really stands out from our experience was his clear vision of how to improve the space. He was thoughtful and attentive to our needs which included economizing on the job. Recognizing the constraint, he counseled us on the best way to use our money and his time to make the most of our space. We were able to open the small kitchen space, capture a window that had been hidden behind a washer/dryer stack and he hugely improved the kitchen in our small Berkeley house. I really appreciate Christopher’s thoughtful visual understanding of how much the room would benefit from taking down a small section of wall to open the space and bring in a new window. We will eagerly use him again on any project.


-Jon Cohen, Berkeley



I am a real estate agent and was always in pursuit of a handyman whose work was stellar, and who was reliable, skilled, detail oriented, reasonably- priced, and perfectionistic like myself. That is not an easy task. When I first saw Christopher hang numbers on a gate till they were perfectly aligned,  replace a railing on a stairway that was exceptionally tasteful and architecturally consistent with the home and strategize about a solution for condensation on skylights,  I knew I had found the right person. Christopher is amazing! He is highly skilled, reliable, professional, detail oriented, a problem solver, easy to work with, tolerant about long to-do lists and perseverant when met with a challenge. He is so skilled that many agents have asked for his contact information, and I have been reluctant to share. Selfishly I worry I will not be able to work with him as often as I like and need. He is so talented that others will rely on him as I have. Christopher is by far the most highly skilled handymen I have worked with. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

What sets Christopher apart from most other handyman is his contractors' license ( a rarity among most handymen) and the superior quality of work he performs. He will complete a job in an exemplary manner, and not in a get the job done way. Many handymen strive to get a task done rather than complete the task in the best way possible. This is the antithesis of Christopher’s work.


Sheri Madden



I always seem to have a boyfriend who comes with a complete set of tools.  Having fired my last partner in November 2016, I was in dire need of finding someone who could do home repairs and remodeling.  Christopher was recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance, and I am thrilled. His work is excellent; he always cleans up after a job is completed, and he is easy to be around.  I also very much appreciate his input as to repairs/projects that he feels should be done that I was clueless about, as well as which items on my To Do List can be deferred.


Marjorie L.



Christopher Stoehr is one of the most professional, meticulous and conscientious people I have ever had work on my home.  He can do nearly everything asked of him. One task, I requested, he wasn't familiar with. He went home that evening, came back the next day, after doing some research, and did a quick and thorough job.  He has an innate ability to "figure things out." We had many last-minute chores, getting our home ready to sell after living in it for 43 years. And no matter what was presented to him, he was able to make time, then completed it beautifully.  He was efficient, quiet, and neat coming through for me every time. I would think we were done, then he would discover three more items that needed tending to. He would come as soon as he could fit me in, to complete each item on the "punch list". Most of all, though he is an accomplished carpenter, who builds beautiful decks, and other large projects.  I wouldn't hesitate to call him for any undertaking you require. Plus, he is more than fair in his pricing particularly given the quality of his work. He was wonderful to have in our home and was respectful as well as gracious. He does impeccable work!!!! I can't say enough about how much he added to our project, being as particular and detail-oriented, as I expect and want.


Michaele T.

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